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AWOL (Alternative Breaks)

This site is for students that have been offered a position on an AWOL alternative break. Only continue if you are a student that has already been placed and needs to complete their contract. If you have not received instruction to complete these documents, STOP.  Do not fill out an application on the USD site until you are instructed to do so. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you are looking to complete an AWOL application to be considered for a placement, please use the Google Form application at

USD Alternative Break participant expectations:

Alternative breaks with AWOL may involve more time and commitment than other service trips that you have done in the past.

Participants will take part in 5 one-hour-long mandatory pre-departure meetings to learn about the social issue focus that their alternative break is centered around. Additionally, they will participate in team-building activities to get get to know each other, and complete health and safety training prior to traveling. Each participant is also expected to attend an AWOL Alternative Break pre-experience kickoff event and a post-experience reorientation event.

During the break, all participants must understand that they are committing to a week of community service that generally includes an average of 30 hours of direct service work. Participants will be engaged in learning opportunities and daily group reflections related to the service experience as well.

Fundraising and need-based scholarship options are available for this program. To help make this opportunity accessible to a wider population, each participant will be expected to contribute to fundraising hours, from which you will receive a fundraising credit based on how much is raised.

For more information, visit AWOL on USDInvolved.