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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor?

You can view available times and schedule an appointment through Coyote Connections (Get Assistance -> Study Abroad).

How do I search for study abroad programs?

You can search for programs (and apply) online. See our video tutorials page to learn how.

What do the application statuses (e.g., pending, accepted, and committed) mean?

  • Pending: This is the initial (pre-decision) status. Your application will be pending from the time you click "apply now" until we change the status (e.g., we accept your application) or you withdraw it.
  • Accepted: We have approved your application (for faculty-led programs, this means that we have admitted you to the program), which gives you access to the post-decision materials, including buttons to commit or decline.
  • Committed: You have clicked the "Commit" button (after being accepted) to indicate that you plan to participate in this program. You still have access to all of the post-decision materials.
  • Waitlisted: There were more applicants than spaces available, so we are not yet able to accept your application. Sometimes, an accepted student declines the offer of admission or later decides to withdrawn, in which case we admit an applicant from the wait list.
  • Rejected: We were not able to accept your application.
  • Withdrawn: Your application was withdrawn, or you declined the offer of admission.

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