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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor?

  • You can view available times and schedule an appointment through Coyote Connections (Get Assistance -> Study Abroad).

How do I search for study abroad programs?

  • You can search for programs (and apply) online. Select the Programs tab in the upper left corner to get started.

Can I use financial aid and scholarships to pay for the program?

  • Yes, USD allows you to use your financial aid and scholarships to pay for USD-affiliated programs.

How long are the programs?

  • Program length can vary between a few short weeks to a year.

When should I start applying?

  • The sooner you start planning your study away experience, the easier the process is. Be sure to connect with your Study Abroad Advisor at the Gallagher Center for more information.

Are there paid internships?

  • Unfortunately, only unpaid internships are offered.

What do the application statuses (e.g., pending and committed) mean?

  • Pending: This is the initial (pre-decision) status. Your application will be pending from the time you click "apply now" until we change the status (e.g., we accept your application) or you withdraw it.

  • Committed: You have clicked the "Submit" button to indicate that you plan to participate in this program and to have your application reviewed. You now have access to all of the post-decision materials.

  • Withdrawn: Your application was withdrawn, or you declined the offer of admission.

For more FAQs regarding study abroad and undergraduate research, check out our page on Coyote One Stop here.